Our Values

God came and hung out with people who were far away from Him.

Presence God’s presence isn’t just a feeling we experience in worship or when a miracle takes place, but an abiding sense of God’s involvement in our lives and the life of our church. John 15 tells us that God is the vine and we’re the branches. The flow of His life and presence in our lives results in great fruit. The presence of God is a distinguishing mark on the life of every Christ follower, it’s about the life of God that marks our lives with faith, love, hope, peace and joy.

Reaching and Building People God never created us to do life alone. We all need and benefit from relationships. If people matter to God, they matter to us. God came and hung out with people who were far away from Him. His life and message helped us understand God. It made sense to a whole lot of people. Our desire is that each one of our lives would reflect the same value. Our hope is to help build peoples lives so they can become effective and fruitful in their faith. That includes all ages, all races, male and female, married and single … everybody!

Teaching God gave us the Bible to reveal His way. That is why Crossroads is a teaching church. Our goal is to faithfully open the scriptures and give people what they need to grow in their new life in Christ. Someone once said, “We do not change the message… the message changes us.” And I guess that kinda sums it up.

Stewardship Before we experienced God’s grace our lives were consumed with ourselves and our desires. Now as devoted followers of Christ, God desires that we are consumed with His purposes and use our time, talents and resources to generously serve Him and others.

Global The world is getting smaller and more and more we have the opportunity to reach out beyond the place we live and take God’s message to other places and cultures. This is something Jesus commanded His followers to be involved in and we see it as a privilege. Whether it is supporting a missionary, going on a short-term missions trip, sharing what you’ve experienced with a neighbour or friend, it’s all part of being an outward focused follower of Jesus.