We are glad your visiting us today. here is whats important to us as a Church


Relational discipleship

Genuine and real relationships are what we value. We believe healthy relationships are absolutely vital for healthy spiritual life. Small group ministry is important to us, it is built around relationships.

Honour & Character

We believe that Honour is foundational to our spiritual development. We will strive to hold each other with value and respect.

 Innovation and creativity

God is always moving and doing things in a new way. We want to continue to evolve with our culture without compromising the expression and purity of the gospel message. We will not be stuck in a method or presentation that people can’t understand or relate to.


We are not a perfect people nor do we claim to be, however we press on to develop and grow in our God given Talents, gifts and abilities.

Servant Leadership

We believe that every Christian is called to servant leadership, that every Christian will influence someone through life. We are leaders who are willing to serve other leaders.

Praise & Worship

Spirit empowered worship and praise pleases God and creates an atmosphere for God’s presence and miracles to take place. We believe that the pattern for New Testament worship is found in the Scriptures and is described in the Psalms. The pattern is demonstrative worship that is characterized by the biblical expressions of clapping, shouting, singing, dancing, lifting hands, bowing and kneeling.

The Bible

We value not only teaching (explaining) the bible. But also the preaching (proclaiming) of the established truth of scripture.

Vision Statement

Making disciples, raising leaders, planting churches.

Mission Statement

Modeling Jesus, Expressing his love.